September 17th, 2007


My surreal moment of the day seems to have already occurred

I heard my ex-uncle-in-law on the radio. Says he's Kansas Securities Commissioner now. Or some such. Totally wasn't expecting that.

Weird dreams. Trying to sketch a cat face? A book shape printed (like, with a dot matrix printer) on fabric? Putting said fabric down and then not being able to find it again?

Oh, well, better than the leaking ceilings of the night before.

The Sake tasting went...

... a little less than stellarly. The company was wonderful, but the sake (or our palettes...) was lacking.

The Snow Maiden was a little sharp for me, but auroraceleste liked it better. Turned out it was actually expired (by about 6 or 7 month 8-O ).

The other (without a special name) was... well I kept thinking 'cough syrup' and Aurora didn't like it any better. Neither of us finished even the little cups worth of it.

But I left those little cups out over night, instead of dumping them. And then, in the morning on a whim, gave the settled, room-temperature stuff a try.

MUCH better. I don't know if it needed to breath, needed to settle, needed to be unchilled or if my palette was just that different morning to night, but I liked it ever so much better that morning and finished off the supernatant in each little cup. Left the solids, I will admit.