October 22nd, 2007


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Lovely weekend and rain on Monday. I so wanted to just sleep in. Ah, well.

I am vacillating about how I want to make the Oblivion corset. Two layers so I can make the wavy bone casings the pattern calls for? If so.... do I do two layers of coutil so I can be SURE the bones don't poke out? Or use that turquoise butterfly brocade that's been sitting in my pile for a while? It seems sturdy enough to hold bones, but I could back it with the silk. THAT would keep the bones in.

But.. a two layer corset. I am not much of a fan of those.

But the BONES would work well in one.

See? Vacillating.
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Vacillation continuation

OR, I could use one of the cotton prints.

The butterflies (WTF, was I on a butterfly kick or something? Geeze) in blue or purple have potential.



and please me rather more than the turquoise does. AND they are cotton, not synthetic, which is a plus.

BUT, they would need to be backed with coutil.

And matching the patterns would be SOOO temping and SOOO pointless....

And there's this eye popping brocade, too


and lots of things I never photographed, but I don't think they really catch my imagination as much. Wait, some pin stipes. And the fabric used for this

But we get into the synthetic versus natural thing again. And pattern matching.

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Do I, or do I not, pay ~$50 for a 14 inch spoon busk. For a costume.

Putting one in would be a learning experience.

And I do want to know what a spoon busk brings to a corset.

But, holy hannah! With a normal busk (~$12 - $14) the total cost of a corset tends to be ~$50 for materials....
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Decided on two layers of coutil. My thought being, I may not actually LIKE the corset for anything but the shape for this one costume - why potentially waste pretty fabric I likely can't replace?