October 24th, 2007


Yes, I did go out and buy A Lick of Frost

And juat about anything I said would come out as a spoiler... even if I just post my speculation. Oh, I can say it took me only 5.5 hours to read it. And it may have the record low number of sex scenes for a Merry book - I would have to go back to the first one to be sure. I can also say I enjoyed it (and wasn't completely expecting that but I have grown cynical) and was quite satisfied by the end. Unlike two books ago when I really wanted to know where the hell her editor was, because the main mystery plot had a hole so wide you couldn't just drive something large through it, it totally destroyed my enjoyment of the rest of the book.

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Oh, yeah, AND

Took my hairs to the hair dresser yesterday and had her chop off the really bad ends. I think I lost about 3-4 inches, but BOY, does it feel healthier. Those ends could best be described as 'frazzled'. Poor, chopped off things.