November 1st, 2007


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Two seams left and I have lost forward momentum. But, there's a raid tonight and we are supposed to be learning (read: wiping to repeatedly) Al'ar, so I should have lots of hand sewing opportunities. I WILL finish this thing yet. I WILL.
Happy Kiki

That.... worked out surprisingly well.

I need to order some filters, which I haven't ordered in about a year. I wasn't too sure I could put my hands on the catalog numbers, and was VERY sure I would have to call to get the prices.

So, I go to the Millipore site, thinking to get the phone number, but notice there are three items in my cart.

Oh.... can I be so lucky?! Why, yes, yes I can. Last time I went looking for these filters I put them on the cart, hoping they would tell me the price (they didn't then), but knowing I would not be ordering that way. I never removed them, and they were waiting for me... WITH the price. Oh, happy day!