November 8th, 2007


Today's sky picture.

I drive to working into the sunrise. Today it was partly cloudy, not only making for a pretty sunrise, but sky pictures.

Today I saw the head of a dragon, jaws open with a little spurt of flame coming out. The unusual part was, the image was in the negative space, rather than the cloud space, so the dragon (and it's flame) glowed with all the colors of the sunrise.

I think my drives are too long.

The corset just needs:


And it's done. The binding is likely to take the longest, because I insist on hnad sewing at least the back side down.

But tonight will be devoted to packing for the con and raiding. Seems we are to tackle Solarian in Tempest Keep: the Eye tonight. The guild downed Al'ar last night... without me *cries in a corner about that*