November 20th, 2007


Ranting, again.

What is WITH the huntchback posture? I just saw a picture on some meme (two figures kissing, you have probably seen it) and the girl looks like she's got a hunch back! The female character model in Oblivion has her shoulders rolled forward. Several popular young starlets these days have the same posture (Keira Knightly comes to mind). It hurts my back just looking at them. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Stand up straight, dammit! Have you no pride?!

(no subject)

Is Fruits Basket really only up to volume 18? I was kinda, you know, hoping it was done so I wouldn't have to wait....

It really is very compelling and entertaining. I gotta wonder tho - am I going to be crying over EVERY character's back story? lol