November 26th, 2007


(no subject)

auroraceleste is SUCH an EBIL ENABLER. The Oblivion dress may be on hold as soon as the corset is done. Which means I will have the underpinnings done, but nothing else. The underskirt will be cake, I am sure, as soon as I decide on/find the right fabric. The bodice is going to require a duct-tape pattern. The over skirt... still scares me. But I got ideas. Oh, yes I do.

But, the reason it's going on hold is because auroraceleste had that look in her eye when she told someone else they WOULD be doing a certain character and that there was a character coming up that I could pull off. Personality-wise, too. I may just be flattered, but, yeah. Totally giving that one a try. You all will just have to wait for reference pictures. She's promised them to me, she has.