January 14th, 2008


I am still here.

It may not be obvious, but I am still here. But I sure don't have much to post about.

Pain from bailing is mostly gone. I have trouble stretching to reach my right foot, which bothers me, but I will keep at it, but try not to actually hurt myself. The carpets seem dry. The bathroom looks nice with new green rugs and a sparkling glass-top scale (I tossed the old versions of both).

I have sewing ideas floating through my head. Pretty much all the time I am not on WoW or working. But no will to make them real.

I have fabric for a Naka-Kon costume. I even have the tie, waist-wrap-thing and skirts half done, but just no will to go on. I know what part of the problem is: fear of failure. If I don't finish it, I won't screw it up, right? Riiiiiight. Bleh.

The other part though, is the fact that I can still think about other things while sewing. I can't really do that while playing WoW, and work is such a pain, I just don't want to think about it. So, I play WoW and work goes away for a while.

But... I do want this costume done for Naka-Kon. Me thinks I best be on WoW for Raids only for the next few weeks. Wonder how long I can keep that up....

In WoW raiding news, Vashj went down for the second time (after several wipes on our part) this week. Kael'Thas is still stubbornly alive and kicking our asses. *sigh* But I have to remember that Morogrim looked hopeless for several weeks, and now is (almost) a cake walk, now we have a working strat. And Vashj herself looked bad, but we managed her, too. Kael'Thas isn't impossible. Many guilds have killed him many times already, after all. It IS possible. But sheesh. :(

Oh! Blizzard puts in some interesting quests. Several make me cry (a woman asking for any sign of her son - who turns out to have been eaten by crocs. Or the blind woman that thanks you profusely for bring the ingredients that let her see again "I thought I would never see my son again!" *sob*) I recently did one in Blade's Edge Mountains (for some reason I never had access to it on my main) that sends me from Rexxar (what? In BEM? Huh? Didn't I leave him in Thrallmar? WHAT?) in Thunderlord Hold to the leader of Mok'Nathal to the east.

Seems simple enough, right? Rexxar has been looking for his people since the way back to Outlands openned back up and thinks he's found them. Well, you go talk to whats-his-name in Mok'Nathal who says 'yeah, I know Rexxar. He's my son. But he left us long ago. The half-breed's not welcome here'. :O Half-breed? *blink* I think to myself "And just who's fault is that, DAD?"