January 18th, 2008



(Looks like LJ has moved things again. Or they changed my default for me, again.)

Anyway, stop me if I have posted about this before. I think I only thought about it really hard.

Sometimes, especially from naps, I have a hard time waking up. I don't mean I stumble around, walking into things and failing to do all my wake-up routine. No, I mean I can't wake up. I THINK I have woken up and gotten up, only to realize the world is NOT right and I am actually still dreaming. So, I am actually still in bed and try to wake up RIGHT this time. Over. And over. And over.

Sometimes it's obvious I am still dreaming pretty quickly, other times it takes a while to seep in.

If I wake up just enough, I am aware that I can't move. I know this is just the body's natural state while dreaming (to keep one from sleep walking) but it's still frustrating (it used to be frightening, but now I know what's going on I don't panic any more).

The problem is, it's happening more and more often. :(

Does anyone else do this?

EDIT: By the way, this makes stories about waking up to find people in your room, or demons, or angels or cat's stealing your breath TOTALLY understandable. I dream the most amazing stuff in this state, and I can't always say how much was real and how much was completely in my head.