January 20th, 2008


(no subject)

We got Kael'Thas down to 14% tonight. Squeeeeeeee!

I have given up on all my fancy-schmacy, try-to-look-like-an-obi-but-not ideas for the purple part of Kochou's costume and fallen back on what I know. A corset. Duh. Bottom 2/3 of a Silverado in a size to fit my waist (rather than reduce it) ought to work. We shall see. I might just 'face' it with strips of the purple fabric to make it look like it's wrapped. Or not. It WILL have a wide sash over it, after all.

"The Holiday" turned out to be a very entertaining film. I didn't expect much from the trailers, but was pleasantly suprised. Oh, and Jude Law? Oh, yeah.