January 29th, 2008


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Power out. Like, lots of power out for some time. I know I woke around 2 to realize (slowly...) that the power was out.

And I called it in at 7:30, only to be told it was estimated to be fixed by 7. LOL

It looked like a goodly swath of my area of Lawrence without power and I had to detour off 9th to get out of town, because the power trucks took up the whole street at about the Burrito King.

Really, I expected the power back faster, or I would have been more worried about waking on time (I didn't. I was 90 minutes late).

And then I realized I had been relying on my internet access to 'call' into work. Oops.

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Dear Aunt Shirley,

Once again, I find myself needing to thank you for the 'Warm Hug from Me' scarf you made when you realized the cancer was terminal. When wrapped around my head, it keeps all but the most knifing cold out. When laid on my legs while driving, it feels instantly warmer. And it makes a warm, soft shawl for those times my coat is too heavy, but I didn't bring a sweater.

I just wish, yet again, that I had learned all this in time to tell you in person.

your neice, Kerri.
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