February 4th, 2008

sewing action

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I have GOT to get more motivated on the costume for this coming weekend. um...

the purple obi-corset-thing is done. The skirt just needs two seams up the side and some sort of closure (hook and eye, I am thinking). The red sash needs the proper length determined, the ends sewn up, the stuffing added and some simple gold napkin rings. (not quite as difficult as it looks in print). The shawl hasn't been started nor has the white shirt/robe. As for the bust band.... gah. I keep changing my mind on how I plan to do that. argh.

It was foggy and wet this morning, but it's bright and almost warmish now. A really pretty day.

In work news, today seems to be a relatively low-stress day. Hope that hold for a while.

In WoW, we had some trouble on Wednesday and Thursday, wiping rather more than we should have to Al'ar, Solarian and Kael'Thas (Voidreaver was a one-shot. Thank goodness). But we killed Kael'Thas in one try on Sunday, then went on to kill Rage Winterchill (in Mount Hyjal) in one try, too. The next boss (can't remember his name well enough to spell it) wiped the floor with us, however. Looks like there are planned raids Tuesday through Thursday this week, and I can't attend any of them, for one reason or another. Phooey. I got my Blood Elf Pally to 40, for my first ever CHEAP riding mount. 85 silver, baby! If I had leveled a warlock, druid or shaman, I would have gotten a cheap travel form/mount by now, but NOOOO, I have only leveled a priest, hunter and rogue before now. I think that just leaves Warrior as a no-cheap-mount class. LOL

EDIT: Oh, and Mage. They don't get a mount from their class, either.