February 7th, 2008


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Right, Richard isn't the first character to show up in Looking For Group ( http://www.lfgcomic.com/page/1 ), but he IS the second. In the third panel of the first strip.

Technically, I think Cale'anon is supposed to be the main character (And he IS the hero.) but if that is so, Richard is doing an excellent job of completely upstaging him. http://www.lfgcomic.com/page/120.

I giggle and wonder what he will do next. The rest of the characters get to deliver fun lines, but that's about it. They are, I think, set dressing for Richard. That's so very, very EVIL of him, don't you think?

(and don't think I have missed the 'Sword of Truth' and 'Richard' thing. I am just not quite sure what to make of it.)
sewing action

Trying for that motivation thing again.

(and, anything to not think about work.)

Skirt - needs a closure, otherwise it's done.

Shoes - taken care of

obi/sash/corset/thing - done

red sash/tie - still needs to be cut to size, the ends sewn in points, stuffing added and metal rings found. I might just settle for 'ends sewn in points' if I have to.

green wrap - ummm. it's cut, does that count? But really it just needs a few long seams and some ironing.

Hair - I will fake it. I have some larg white flowers from making Lilith, they will help.


Maybe this wasn't such a good idea......
sewing action


Not sure what I win, but I am sure I win.

skirt - done
sash - done (and it worked!)
stoll - done
obi/corset/thing - done
robe - done
flowers - picked out
bust band - DONE! And I think it will even work. And it rather looks like what the artist was trying to depict. I like to think, so, anyway. But my bust is neither so solid, nor so bouyant, but such is real life.

Pictures? Please! look at the time. I gotta go pack, and then sleep, because I have to work tomorrow. (and Hall Costume contest starts at 4. Ye gods! 4! Gonna have to hustle.)