February 11th, 2008


(no subject)

Naka-Kon was fun. I stayed way busy, either judging costumes, helping judges judge costumes, or hanging with friends. Not exactly sure where the weekend went. I also had a bit of a shock realizing most of the attendees weren't even BORN when I graduated from high school. Yes, I know, such shocks are just gonna keep on coming.

Picked up volume 5 of the Trinity Blood manga. Inhaled it. Learned more about Lilith in five pages then from the ENTIRE anime. *blink, blink*

Picked up Renegade's Magic, which is the third in Robin Hobb's newest trilogy. As usual, I have NO freaking idea where this is going. None. But, if I were the main character and the magic had been jerking me around like it has been him, I would be looking to take the magic DOWN. Not sure either of the cultures he's caught between are worth saving, either, really.

Work sucked today. I am soothing myself with a caramel black tea latte. Warm, creamy, sweet.