February 17th, 2008


(no subject)

Very glad that lunch and shoppies with clevermanka and auroraceleste was yesterday. I was totally shocked to look out the window a few minutes ago to see SEVERAL INCHES of snow. It was still RAINING HARD at 4 when I last posted.

I bought something at about half the places we wandered. Fabric and patterns from Hancocks, wool roving from Yarn Barn (for a felting project), a new tea pot (the lid WILL NOT fall out until it's tip past vertical)and teas from the Bay Leaf, a warm drink at Borders (whaaaaat?) and (after dropping off clevermanka for her hair cut) a new tea kettle from Target. Now, I know I went for cheap on the tea kettle. I was more interested in capacity, whistle and pourability. The capacity is good, the spout pours very well (although it LEAKS just a little bit. I can deal), but the whistle....

The instructions were very clear about the temperature to use to heat the water. Do NOT go to full on an electric range. (and medium high heats the water surprisingly fast)

But... nothing short of full heat makes it whistle.

Sooooo, I will be ignoring that rule, I think.