February 28th, 2008


(no subject)

We should be filling right now. But no. No sealing solution batch record, so no filling (since sealing has to happen at the same time). I do NOT want to work this weekend! I have been sitting on my rear for the most part this week waiting on different people to get back to me on different things.... and then unpaid overtime to top it? dammit.

I had a rare dream last night. Most people would describe it as light foreplay, at most, but it's as erotic as my dreams ever get. I had a familiar name for the 'man of my dreams', but my waking self knows there really wasn't any connection. I am extraordinarily grateful my sub-conscious has always used (ex-)lovers' names and never pulled up, say, the name of a family member for these dreams. I am not sure I would ever really forgive myself. I mean, it was a teacher's name, once, and I still get all squicked over it, when I remember. Yes, yes, I know there's no real controlling some things in dreams, and we really can't be held accountable for the content, but.... ew.