March 18th, 2008


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If you have OCD tendancies, do not, I repeat, DO NOT start 'playing' Last Day of Work's "Plant Tycoon".

If only because they don't give you NEAR enough space to store your seeds. I mean, how am I to 'cross them all' if I don't have enough space to store them?!

About a month ago auroraceleste introduced me to the concept of wrapping one's head in duct tape and then filling the resultant form with expanding foam to make a personal-sized wig head. Unfortunately for me, it didn't work so great the first time. One, I left it outside where it was too cold and Two, I filled it too full and the crown took so much time to harden that the foam had almost completely degraded.

Second attempt is better, but I wouldn't call it perfect. This time, I bought smaller cans of the foam, kept it inside, poked holes in the crown AND only filled the crown. So, now I have a very well filled crown.... but it expanded enough to actually cause the tape strips to pull away from each other. But that's okay. I think "A little too big" works so much better than 'A little too small'.

Next step will be to position the pipe (for the stand) and spray in the second can of foam. This could be interesting, oh yes. I fear I am going to get a strange bulging ridge right where the two layers of foam intersect.