April 22nd, 2008


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Touche, Subconscious. Touche.

Seems my subconscious took exception to yesterday's post. I dreamt for some time that someone was trying to kill me until I woke (in panic) enough to consciously create an ending. And that is just the way I work.


As I was typing the above I got word our manufacturing room was flooded. So I got my invigorating work out this morning, helping to clean that up. Seems some jackass (or dumbass) left the Purified Water valve open. It wasn't obvious, because the water system has been down most of the time for the last week.

Back to my intended post:

Is Verizon Wireless Amphitheater back to Sandstone now? Jack's DJ kept calling it Sandstone this morning. If yes, YAY! if not, Bwahahahahah, stick that in your craw, Verizon! The old name is SOOOO much better.

This morning there really WERE cherry blossom petals all over the place. Made me giggle.

Someone got into my (not locked) car between Friday evening and Saturday morning. They moved a few things, but don't seem to have taken anything. Very odd.

I found a message (okay, a moment of dead air) on my answering machine last night with a time stamp of 3 am that morning. I checked the machine's time and found it only 20 minutes off, so either the machine malfunctioned, or someone called me at 3 am and I never heard the phone ring.

There was something else... oh, yes. I found out last night why no one tends to bother with questing in the Blasted Lands. Boooorrrriiinnngggg.

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Reading up on Shadowpriest.com forums and there's a post that meanders off into 'such and so armor is looking wrong" etc etc. Made me realize something - I have my camera pulled so far back... I have absolutely NO IDEA what my characters actually look like....


It's bedtime and I am not sleepy.

EDIT: and oh eff me, somehow in the last week, Portal ceased to work right.
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