June 4th, 2008


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"portable listening devices" MP3 players. The like. There are ways to make them play through car stereo speaker systems, right? I think adammaker has one that does that. Or an add-on that makes it possible.

And... are there any I should stay away from? Any I should look for? I am not sure I need lots of space (I say that NOW.....) but enough to, say, hold an audiobook or two at a time.

And the light dawns!

Several weeks ago I went to get in my car and found the contents of the space under my stereo and the space under the emergency brake handle strewn around the front seat. I didn't find anything missing and assumed a child or vagrant in desperate need of change had taken advantage of my unlocked car. I have started locking my car when it's at home now, but other than that I didn't think too much about it.

I only just realized... those are the two logical places to leave an MP3 player. Not having one, it just didn't occur to me before.
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