June 10th, 2008


Exclaimations from a dream

I sewed buttons on both halves!

But I don't remember sewing any buttons!

I sewed one set of buttons on the WRONG side!

The self-same buttons I don't remember sewing at all!

Oh, look at that lace detail!

I don't remember putting that detail on!

What a darling hat! So very EGL. (waking self is still blinking over that. It's got to be the Dolls influence. Thanks, auroraceleste ;p)

I need to make myself more of these!

I don't remember making the hat!

It was, as you can imagine, a very odd dream. But the first I can remember that involved making clothes, oddly enough.

(no subject)

Audible.com files are SO MUCH smaller than the what I ended up with when I copied the CD version to my computer. It was also a pain, as I had to pretend the book was actually music. Then, Audible's software wouldn't reconize my MP3 player until I removed all the CD files.

Oh well. Just means I am more likely to use Audible.com. Faster. Cheaper if I don't want too many new books at a time. And considerably less space than the CDs.

But, no, my dears, it won't replace physical books. Now, those awesome (and very expensive) little digital 'book' readers, that you load text data to? Oh my. THOSE might just replace the physical books. Oh, yes. But not today, nor tomorrow. But soon, I think. Soon.