June 29th, 2008


(no subject)

1 am. Phone rings. Panic sets in (as my son has been away on vacation with his dad). Recorded voice tells me my KU Credit Union account has been suspended. Suddenly wish it wasn't a recording, as then the person on the other side could have heard the several crashes as I failed to manage to hang up the phone properly.

That HAD to be a phishing call, as, well, Hello? 1 am? and I don't have a KUCU account.

Well, no wonder they started funny.

This should show just how used to odd starts I am when it comes to books - I just accepted that these two books started in the middle of some action.

I didn't notice that I had been listening to Speaker for the Death part 2 of 2 and Xenocide part 3 of 3.

While I love listening to the books on my little mp3 player, I am not so happy with the damn software right now.