July 2nd, 2008


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Killed another keyboard. sigh. It's my own fault, just unexpected. I didn't realize there was some water in the little plate I had grape tomatoes on and tipped it so the water went on the keyboard. The keyboard worked fine last night, but it's... all funny this morning. Some keys give me two letters, some give me none at all. Alas.

Finally finished hemming the OMG! Yellow! T-tunic-style dress I made to go under the butterfly corset. Guess I should try the whole thing for effect, huh? I am trying to decide if I really want to put some cool embroidery (I read embroidery books and drool, but never think of things to DO the embroidery on) in bright blue. It would be lurid against the orange yellow, but would be another tie between the corset and the dress.

I should have taken at least one pair of slacks to sewing meet up last night so a second person could mark the hem, but I was in a hurry (late at work) and failed that roll. But I think I have a nice length marked on one pair by trial and error. I will just give a deep hem and adjust as needed.

The pair of slacks with a lining... that's going to be fun, oh yes.