July 15th, 2008


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Four days, two bodies. Is that too flippant? It's probably too flippant.

Saturday, I passed a bus-Moped accident just as the first police car arrived. I could tell myself the man was just profoundly unconscious. It was a vanishingly small chance, but it was something to tell myself. I simply thank any and all powers of good that I had left Thomas at home while I ran out for some food.

Today was a motorcycle accident at a major intersection. There was an ambulance, but I know what I saw was a sheet-draped body wearing jeans.

I live a sheltered life, I know it. Before this week the only other dead person I had even seen was my grandfather, and that was at the viewing before the funeral.

I gawk at accidents. I try not to, if only to keep from slowing traffic. But, ye gods, is this what I have been trying to see?