July 16th, 2008


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I walked into the cafeteria at lunch yesterday, where the TVs are set to Fox (shudder) News and rolled my eyes when I heard what I thought was our prez speaking. I considered just eating at my desk, because I haven't been able to stand listening to that man since he first started on the campaign trail, lo! these many years ago. In fact, that's about the time I pretty much quit watching TV in generall... but I digress.

I finished heating my lunch and decided to sit down, thinking the speech had to be almost over.

Imagine my surprise to find it was MCCAIN speaking. They seem to have the same cadences and accent.

Oh, gag me.

Well, *that* was unexpected ego boo

It was squee-worthy enough to find Lilith in the Progress Report, but I just found the Dragon Con photo archive.

The dear, darling people put a view counter on each photo!

Lilith - she's gotten a lot of views. The overall winner has the most (as it should be!) but only for the photo taken on-stage. For the official photos (which most people don't seem to get to or something), well... maybe I missed something, but Lilith seems to have gotten rather more views there then even the overall winner!

My ego, I am not sure it will fit through doors!