July 17th, 2008

Chemists do it

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Well, PAPR's* aren't all that bad... if you don't mind things over your face and don't have to move around too much. If one is just sitting and weighing things out, it's not so bad. Unless you are a doofus and try to rub your nose... then you get oil on the face plate RIGHT where you are trying to look out.

From now on, my nose can just bloody well go on itching if I can't manage to rub it with some OTHER part of the shroud.

It's an interesting project, too. Good thing the client seems unnaturally patient. 10,000 capsules, lovingly HAND FILLED with powder (there's a trick to this... and it's a messy, messy trick). Two people can fill about 50 an hour. Two sets of two people will double that, but three people don't go much faster than two. Today, we have three people. :p But we should have four tomorrow. I think the pairs should race each other.

*think of the haz-mat suits. Total body coverage and filtered air blown in to the head-shroud.


Burt's Bees lip balm actually dries my lips out. Or, at least, messes with the skin. I don't remember it doing that before, but it definitely is now. Phooey. And since I can't find my favorite lip balm (from Neutrogena), I am going to have to do some experimenting. bother.

In other news, Bandaid brand anti-blister does seem to work... but it seems to be glorified Crisco.