July 28th, 2008


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You guys are so lucky. I am going to share the pain.

Now, quite a few of you understood very well that Penny Arcade comic I linked to a while back, but some of you, I am sure, were happily ignorant. *fails to hide evil grin* I am going to fix that.

The quote in question is

“There should be one called “Win Omen” for when you raidwipe by drawing aggro from the MT with DOTs. Right? It’s like … L2P, nub

First and foremost, ‘aggro’: This is actually the players’ word for it. Blizzard refers to it as ‘threat’. Basically, it's how much a computer controlled character (I am just going to use ‘mob’ from now on) wants to kill you. You can generate threat/aggro directly by doing damage to the mob. Usually, the more damage, the greater the threat; but some types of damage are more threatening than others. You can also generate threat/aggro by healing and this aggro is general to all mobs in the fight, not just a targeted mob, as is the case with damage. Then, there are few things that do little else BUT generate threat. And that leads to….

Tanks: Player characters that have chosen talents and gear that make them both very hard to kill, and very good a threatening the mobs. Their entire job in a group fight is to keep the mob’s attention, while the damage-dealing characters (called DPS for Damage Per Second. Don’t ask me why that became the name of the whole character set) kill it. Oh, and the healers keep everyone alive.
In a group fight that only allows 5 people, there’s usually only one tank. But when you get to the 10-, 25- and 40-people fights, there will be more. But there is usually one Main Tank, shortened to MT and the rest are Off Tanks, or OTs for short. “Drawning aggro from the MT” should be VERY hard to do, or someone has screwed up somewhere. Probably you, not the tank.

Omen: a relatively new “threat meter”, but so very useful, it’s pretty much taken over. It keeps track of the ‘threat’ everyone (that is using it) has generated on any particular mob in a fight and can show it in graphic form so everyone with Omen knows where everyone else is re: threat. If a DPS gets too high on Omen, they really better ease off, or they are likely to…

Wipe the Raid, or Raidwipe: Everybody dies. Well, not always, but everyone is taken out of the fight one way or another and the mob ‘wins’. If a tank loses aggro (fails to be highest in threat), the mob usually runs around killing everyone else on its list of people to kill and it’s very hard to recover. A whole raiding party dying (wiping) is a BAD thing.

DOTs: Short for “Damage Over Time”, these are a damage type that does small amounts of damage at set time intervals over a set period of time. (for instance, 200 damage every 3 seconds for 30 seconds) They actually tend to generate very little threat precisely BECAUSE the damage is minimal at any one time. Pulling aggro with DOTs is very hard, unless someone screwed up somewhere. Probably you, not the tank.

L2P: Shorthand for “learn to play’. I think this pretty much speaks for itself, don’t you?

Nub: Not at all sure why it’s spelled this way, but I see it all the time in WoW chat. In other games and in other places I have seen it as ‘noob’ or ‘newb’. Short for "newbie", it implies that the recipient is ignorant of the game or situation, either from newness to it, or, more likely, stupidity.

So, in summary, the above quote is saying there should be an Achievement that, in effect, is saying “You don’t know jack…stupid”. And I *sigh* understood every blessed word.