August 13th, 2008


I don't think someone liked it.

Someone left a full pump bottle of Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy "Jasmine Vanilla" hand soap in the bathroom here. The scent it leaves on the hands is VERY strong. I can see someone taking a dislike to it but not wanting it to go to waste.

Me... I keep using it, for all a part of me keeps going 'ye gods, that's strong'. Worse yet, I keep interpreting the smell as men's cologne. Heh. Maybe that's why I keep using it.

It is also very familiar. For all that smell is supposed to be the best for evoking memories, I must be faulty, because it doesn't, for me. I know it's familiar, but can't place WHY. Well, I can think of one likely suspect. I will just have to ask and accept the (likely) blank look in reply.

And, my dears, just because I don't reply to any of the memes proliferating through journals right now, don't interpret that as "pass". It is simply a lack of reply.