August 18th, 2008

sewing action

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To heck with the blue I will go with the green.

I hope.

Although this sure looks purple, rather like the fabric I do have. Hmmm, perhaps try first with the purple, and, if that doesn't come out right, tweak and find some green. or blue... but everyone uses the blue... hmmmmmm.
sewing action

The Frankenstein blouse

Mwahahahahahah! It's alive!

Okay, it's only paper. And it's only intended to be fabric, eventually, but still. Since I couldn't find any one (or two...) pattern that came close to Sophie's blouse, I have had to make one. Like... OMG.

I am taking the sleeve from Vogue 8421 view B (far right) (and, perforce, the armscye*), the collar from Vogue 7854 view A (far left) and the front (minus that hideous bottom ruffle) of Vogue 2947 view B (top right). The back is a rather plain mixing of all three - the collar and armscy, but minus the yoke-with-gathered-lower-part.

* I can't even find this word in the dictionary to spell it right. Bah.

EDIT: added an 'e' to the end of armscye. Still not sure what's right. Why isn't it in Webster's dictionary, for pity's sake?