September 8th, 2008


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This is highly unusual timing: it was pouring rain for my entire trip to work, let up completely for me to get into the building, then started pouring again.



Now I'm scared.

Anyway, the Kansas State Fair was fun, if exhausting. Saturday we had what my mother (rightly, if you ask me) calls 'Washington rain' - slow, soft and soaking. We managed to stay comfortable with just hats and fleecy jackets. Sure the hats and jackets were soaked, but nothing else was.

Comment for Saturday: Draft horses are big.

Sunday's weather was darn near perfect - no rain; cool, but not cold; party sunny; slight breeze. It doesn't get much better than that.

Comment for Sunday: as previosly stated, and as a foil to Saturday - miniature horses are cute.

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I have achieved zen. Well, *a* Zen. It arrived today. Squeeeee.

When did chai become comfort food for me? That sure was fast.

Panera's has it's tomato soup again! yay!

Off to go play with my Zen.