October 1st, 2008


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Saphiron kicked our collective hineys. Very quickly, even. But there were only 19 of us and none of us had any frost Resistance gear to speak of. Embarrassing.

I have never understood my ex on the phone very well. I often have to have him repeat himself ad nauseum, or just fill in the blanks as best I can. I don't know if it's him, the phones, or if my brain is doing something funny just for him. Anyway, I got a call from him on Monday to let me know they were still on time for their return and when, approximately, I could expect them to come get Thomas. I caught the edges of something about 'lots of us' and 'cheaper than paying for parking'. I had to do a bit of filling in and figured they had rented a van or bus or something.

Not. Quite.

About 10 Monday night some people here were treated to the odd sight of a STRETCH LIMO in the parking lot of a not-so-upscale apartment complex picking up an 11 year old boy.


Also, I find it crassly unfair that I could drink so much water today (rather more than the recommened amount) and still get a sinus headache from Hades. Alas. But, I seem to have beaten it back with Afrin, Motrin, banging my head against the head rest in my car (don't ask) and a hot steamy bath.