October 9th, 2008


The world works in strange ways.

Remember how I decided to move a little more into the current century a while back and got a Sansa Clip? Remember how it died about three months later, so I got a Creative Zen? Well, the Zen is still going strong and I still love it. However!

The company I work for had it's third 'birthday' on Oct 1. Yesterday was our 'celebration' of that fact, with a pasta lunch, prize drawings and the like. Well, when we went down to the cafeteria for the lunch part, there were many postings of the prize winners that were 'previously drawn'. About twenty people each got one of two $10 gift certificates. Nice and all, but we were thinking 'cheap'. The lunch was kind of sub-par as well. I spent about 30 minutes in the cafeteria, then went back to work.

The WHOLE rest of the day, I couldn't walk the halls (and I had to do quite a bit of it) without someone asking 'Did you know your name got picked?" or "Did you pick up your prize yet?" Seems they did the drawning for the bigger prizes right at noon.


Well, the first few people didn't know who I should talk to about picking up the prize and it wsn't until the end of the day that I was stopped by someone that DID know. Unfortunately, that person wasn't at her desk at the time.

So, today, again, I would get stopped in the halls, but FINALLY caught the woman I needed to talk to. Keep in mind, I still wasn't sure what I had won.

Heh. Sony MP3 player.


But I never knew before, just how many people know who I am. That was really nice.

(and the pen we all got as a 'thank you' lights up. I squee'd. Who cares how well it does or does not write! It lights up!)