October 13th, 2008


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I felt like roadkill yesterday, but why on earth couldn't I get to sleep until around 2 am?

Why do I itch all over?

What the heck bit me last Wednesday? It still itched this weekend and it's leaving a noticable red mark. Whatever it was, it looked like an irregular black fleck, no legs to see and the mark and the itchy didn't actually start for about 12 hours. Very, very strange.

Okay, a question that might actually have some answers: So, I made the TV361
1880s Butterfly Detatchable Train (http://trulyvictorian.com/catalog/361.html)* to go with the Gkika skirt. Same fabric and all that. But the lining I used stretches and the main fabric most distictly does not. Thus, I get lining folding out at the bottom edge of the train... ew.

What are some options to stop this? I can think of a few:

putting a tuck in the lining at about the middle or so, that will exactly compensate for the stretch. That seems to be.. asking a bit much, actually.

I can put some lace trim a couple inches above the hem, thus holding the lining back enough so the excess does not show at the bottom. But that's going to be glaring and I don't want glaring.

I can hand-embroider some subtle design along the bottom edge that extends for a few inches to do the same as the lace. Maybe even add little black facetted beads. I was thinking a 'fading' pattern like (nvm. After all that typing, LJ totally fooks with it and makes it impossible to show what I want) Essentially little stars (or flowers or whathaveyou) in rows, where each row as you go up the garment has progressivly fewer and fewer in it.

* OMG, I should NOT have gone looking that up on the main website. So. Many. Interesting. Patterns.


I am kind of curious why or how 'Dr.' Kerri K**** got an American Management Association seminar catalog.

In-ter-est-ing mailing list, that.