October 24th, 2008


WoW and argh and meh

I am thinking of doing a long post about just what I am up to at work, but that is still just in the 'thinking about' stage.

Mount Hyjal took just two hours last night. Nerfed to heck, it is.

In Sunwell, Kalacgos and Brutallus have gone down twice now and Felmyst is looking completely do-able, once we are comfortable with the strat.

My 'fill it out as I go along' spec seems to have been totally gimped. I was doing several hundred less DPS than Ncy, but now that I have copied his spec, I am only about 30 DPS behind. See, this is why I try not to think for myself with these spec, gear and gemming choices.

Dispersion may not dispel Anatheron's Icebolt, but its 90% damage mitigation sure makes it simply tickle a bit. Who needs a PvP trinket?!

The imp of the perverse continues in its quest to embarrass me to death through my period.

OH! I read David Eddings' Elenium series in my teens and I vaguely recalled not liking quite as much as the Belgariad and Mallorean, but not why. So I have been listening to it on audio book. It was slllloooowwww in places, which is probably why I didn't like it as much. BUT. There's a big ol' plot hole at the end, and, worse yet, it's rather unnecessary. First, if there's a poison that kills quickly and, up until recently, didn't have a cure, how on earth is anyone to know its long-term effects? And, even if, by some divination, long term-effects were known, why the HELL would that particular effect of the poison not have been cured when all the rest of them were?! Cured by magic that was simply instructed to 'heal her' or somesuch open-ended command, I might add. Phooey.