November 10th, 2008


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Today's Quarantined Email email was also amusing. The subjects all started 'Doctor" - Doctor Ehrenhaft, Doctor Finkleman, Doctor hager, Doctor McCartney, Doctor Post. The sender? Me, apparently; every single one was spoofed as coming from my work address.

I didn't expect to like Fable the Lost Chapters

I bought it, obviously, but left it for my son to play (waddaya mean, it's labeled 'Mature'?*) He plays it right next to me, so I get some idea of what is going on and the fact that you can't actually save the game (just the character) while on Main Quests was a real turn off. After all, I know full well that game developers design encounters in such a way that you fail and fail several times, so as to prolong the game. The thought of running through the gamuts over and over did NOT appeal.

But... I figured it couldn't be all that bad at the beginning, I should at least give it a try.

I am about halfway through and I haven't died yet.

Let me repeat that: I haven't died yet.

I have lots of the resurrection potions in inventory, but haven't had to use a single one. They don't stint on heath pots and food, either (part of why I have not died yet)

Never died. It's shocking because I SUCK as a combat player.

I have failed two quests though - one quest required me to just leave it and come back with better gear and another I failed because I wasn't aware of what was needed. But it's all been almost painless.

So, I guess the moral of this story is "even twitch-gameplay-adverse people might like Fable" or "WoW raiding has made Kerri better at these types of games."

I am betting on the first, myself.

(and I hate rock/earth elementals. I am sure there is SOME movement mechanic beyond my reflexes to makes these encounters easier, but... well, it's beyond me, isn't it?)

* It's not the violence, by the way, I suspect it's the polygamy. And, maybe even homosexuality - I have had at least one man fall in love with my character. But I don't know what all the game will allow me to do with that as I ignored him like I did to all the female groupies.
Head desk


IT here changed out my computer recently (something about an SP2 upgrade, but they say they just gave me a new computer that looks JUST like my old one) and now there is just the faintest high-frequency buzz to my desk (the whole desk and everything attached to it... like my keyboard platform). When I rest, say, my hand on the desk (or keyboard...) it feels JUST like the buzz I get when I have taken nasal decongestant. And I don't take nasal decongestant because I find the sensation so disturbing.
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