November 13th, 2008


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I did pre-order WoW WotLK.

And I do plan to pick it up today after work.

But then, I plan to have dinner with a real, live person.

WotLK likely won't even get installed until Friday. I mean, can you imagine the servers today? Yeah, so can I.

Does that mean I am not hardcore? Surely, the raiding counts for something...
Lab coat

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Four years later and I finally notice I miss all the number crunching. See, in Analytics, there was lots of number crunching, but not so much in Formulations and Clinical Supply.

My boss asked me to 'check his numbers', so I did... and then I stole the whole thing away from him (and he kind of murmurred that that was what he hoped I would do). But that went too fast. I was done almost before I started.


This might explain why I keep wanting to do some phase diagram work, since that promises not just number crunching, but graphing, too.