December 29th, 2008


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First, had me giggling, stamping my feet, clapping, giggling some more, then re-reading to start all over.

THEN, had me doing it all over again. A duet! A duet with occasional back-up signers! *glee* (kind wonder about Richard, but then, we always wonder about Richard, eh?)

Christmas with my family was wonderful. We really had the whole family for dinner - parents, brothers, Sister-in-Law, me, my son, youngest brother's girlfriend and both Grandmothers. And we all fit around that table mother is so proud of, which in turn fits in the dining room. It's all good.

In case you were worried about Brother 5's girlfriend, her first introduction to the family was actually Grandma O's 90th birthday party, which was more family reunion than anything else, so Brother 5 is really throwing the poor woman into the deep end and expecting her to swim. Which she seems to be doing quite well. We'll keep her. Come to that, Sister-in-Law's first introduction to the family was a family reunion. We're keeping her, too.

Amusing moment in WoW

My main's name in WoW is Aydena (pronounced ay-DEEN-ah). I came up with the name way back in my Asheron's Call days by feminizing 'Ayden' (for reasons I won't go into.) I made WoW Aydena more than three years ago and she's been my main character ever since.

Yesterday I log Aydena in, in Dalaran, and see 'Adeena appears to be sobering up'.

Wait. What?

A quick "/who Adeena" comes up blank, meaning she either logged off already or she's Alliance.

Then I see another 'Adeena appears to be sobering up', so she's Alliance.

I get this overwhelming urgh to find her and /gasp at her.

I run all over Dalaran proper looking for her, but can't find her. But I keep seeing 'Adeena appears to be sobering up' and 'Adeena is getting drunk on XXXX' to egg me on.

It occurs to me that I haven't checked the sewers yet, so down I go. I see a person fishing off a peir and I am struck with a thought. That person is not Adeena, but I keep looking.

Indeed! In an out-of-the-way nook I find Adeena fishing and drinking. Too funny! I /gasp at her and she /waves back, then runs off, like she's scared I'm a stalker or something.

She's been around a while, too, since she's got the "Champion of the Naaru"* title, something Aydena doesn't have (Although Aydena does have "Hand of Ad'al"** thank-you-very-much)

*means she completed the keying quest line for entrance to the Serpent Shrine Cavern.

** means she completed the keying quest line for entrace to the Black Temple.

EDIT: I looked up 'Adeena' on WoW Armory... there are 58 of them. I wonder if that's a default name...

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Good grief! My recent look at the WoW armory got me curious.

There are two other Aydena's. But there are 7 other Ambeth's! And 2 other Ansolan's. Wut?

86 Solan's, one of which is currently a 78 Tauren Druid on my server.. I have NEVER run into her and she has to play a goodly bit to be 78. She also has to have been around a while, because 'Solan' was taken when I first started WoW.

In fact, the only characters I have with unique names now are Unsolan and Pasaydena.

I really have to wonder if the random name generator gets names added from the names already in use across all servers.
sewing action

So, I have this back-log of sewing projects.

Worse yet, some of them I actually bought fabric for. Thus, I should start on those, yes?

In which case, I should start with the oldest - Cordelia's Winterfair gown. I have very little to go on (and thus can do pretty much anything I want). It's green, the long skirts are 'swirling' and there's a long, white, velvet vest that goes with it.

So. 'Swirling' skirt. I am thinking of going Victorian, but that wouldn't fit the 'Russian' feel of Barrayar. On the other hand, I can find Victorian patterns and pictures of the last Tsar and his family have a decidedly Victorian look to them.

What about this: - the made-up pictures seem rather less full than the line drawing, though.

This seems fuller and more what I was thinking of.

For a shirt: It's pretty basic, but as I plan to put something over it....

I love the look of the Eton jackets:

But there's the Ripple Jackets, too:

As for the vest... I am having trouble picturing it, really. This is actually a belt and rather older in style but still tempting. Vests do go UNDER jackets, after all, right? ;p