December 31st, 2008


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Back at Dragon*Con I was wandering the booths when one caught my eye. Could it be? Was it...? Yes, yes it was - Blind Ferret productions, the guys responsible for

It was Sunday and I expressed disappointment that I would be forced to 'miss' Monday's comic for lack of internet access until I got home. Mr. Sohmer said that if I came back the next day, he would make sure I got to see it.

Glee. I bought the first edition of the LFG book and got their special Con poster (autographed, of course).

I went by the next day and Mr. Sohmer was apologetic, but there was an issue with the laptop. No comic for me. Woe. But this was okay, I said, because I would be home by the next day and Tuesdays are traditionally low-webcomic days for me. He, sensing the perfect opportunity, suggested I might want to read their OTHER comic

I bought one of those books, too. Damn, he's good.

Having read the book, I started in on the rest online, but got stopped. I recently started going through them again and am up to the beginning of this year. I swear, it's actually gotten BETTER.

This comic nearly made me hurt something, laughing.

Be warned though, this is NOT children's humor. It's immature at all heck, but so not for children.