March 25th, 2009


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I finally made Loremaster in WoW. Until you try it, you probably won't know the pain (at least for Horde).

I had no trouble getting Lorekeeper of Eastern Kingdoms (in fact, there are several quests I never did over on that continent), Outlands and Northrend. Really, the achievments for Outlands and Northrend practically hold your hand, telling you exactly how many quests you need in each map. And none (or few) require rep.

But rep seems to be very much needed for Lorekeeper of Kalimdor. Dammit.

I was something like 8 quests short of Lorekeeper of Kalimdor when I heard that Blizzard was reducing the quest requirement for the Kalimdor achievement. I rejoiced. Surely, that meant I had found 'enough'. Surely, they would reduce the number down to something closer to Easter Kingdoms.

So. Wrong.

They removed 15 quests. AND, removed several more from 'counting' so I logged in to find myself even FARTHER from the achievement than before.

To say I was dissapointed is a serious understatement. "Pissy" works, though. And that's the state I would be in every time I let myself think about it.

Now, at the same time they changed the requirement, they also changed the way rep interacts with level, so there was no longer a diminishing return as you leveled. This meant that the centaurs of Desolace and the furblogs of Felwood and Winterspring would give me decent rep, rather than 1.

I hate Desolace, by the way.

But I went, and I ground up rep with one faction, did their quests, then ground up rep with the other side and did THEIR quests. That was 8, as I recall.

Then I ground up rep with the furblogs only to find I had done all the quests they had for me. Dammit, again.

That left me needing 5, I think.

I spent a certain amount of time sulking about this, rather than seriously trying to research what all I missed.

But that doesn't mean I wouldn't turn on 'Track Low Level Quests' and run around Kalimdor.

There WERE quests, but they tended to be instance-based and those don't count.

However, some DO lead to quests that do count.

I was down to needing two when I chanced to find a reference to a Hermit in Sillithus that wanted texts. (actually, I read about him because I was trying to figure out how to summon the Duke of Cynders for that blasted T-1.5 series of quests. That quest line proves to me that the old skool devs were seriously sadistic.) And Lo! I had not interacted with that Hermit on my main. Finally, Loremaster is mine!

But srsly: Blizz devs = Sa. Dis. Tic.

(... wait.. I looked at my quest log yesterday and it had ONE quest left.... and that was for Drak'Tharon...and I haven't actually finished the T-1.5 quest line... what the hell happened to the next quest in that line? Blast.)