April 11th, 2009


(no subject)

I definitely understand brother K's fondness for the animations of the animals in Okami. They really do move like you would expect real animals to move (taking into account the somewhat stylized art). I would say someone (or several someones) studied movement very closely.

Oh dear.

I have learned the first God Technique in Okami, which was described as 'insulting the monster you are fighting". My response to learning and practicing it went something like this:

"(press button) Wait... Did I... (press button again) OMG, I did! I pee'ed on it! Bwahahahahahahah!"

I am, however, a little unnerved now, as there is another God Technique (2 Mil yen) with a name like 'Brown Fury'.

I do so hope it involves DIGGING. Dirt in the eyes sort of thing.