June 8th, 2009


Still being entertained by spam mail

Turbines for your meat jet Not sure I want to encounter a 'meat jet' and especially not one with turbines.

Good shells for your love-gun! WTF? Is this for condoms? Something to make a change to the ejaculate? ... I got nothin'.

Now, it seems I sent MYSELF this one Sorry. I should've write earlier and I resent the poor grammar.
Happy Kiki

(no subject)

Oh, it was squee-worthy.

Saturday night I was in a 10-man taking on a nerfed Mimiron when I got a tell from a fellow guild member, Sprouts. Understand that while the guys out-number the gals in Foed, there is still a good handful of women that log in regularly. However, Sprouts and I are probably the most ... dedicated/obsessed. And, everyone loves Sprouts. How can anyone NOT love Sprouts?

Anyway, she sent me a tell 'Are you busy tomorrow?'. I say 'Not in the morning, but there's the raid in the evening'. She says 'Wanna get together for brunch/lunch? Deno (her fiance and also fellow guild member) and I are in Salina.'.


Oh, hell yes!

But she said they have to leave by 1, to make it home in time for the raid. I, of course, totally undestand. ROFL

So, we started making plans.

I gloated about this in the family chat channel and a thought finally dawned on me. Mustafar also lives in Lawrence, bet he would like to join. But, just in case the invitation was deliberately sent just to me, I told Sprouts, 'You know, Musta lives in Lawrnece, too."

So, Musta joined in the plans.

And lunch was good! No surprise, Sprouts and Deno are good company in person, as well as from behind a computer.

But stupid, stupid me (I blame being in a fight the whole time the conversation occurred) I failed to think about the fact that Aurora (guild member and personal friend) ALSO lives in Lawrnce AND my yougest brother is less than an hour away.

Last night I was suitably chastized by brother, forgiven by Aurora (who was asleep anyway and who's phone was dead), but also chastized by yet another guild member, who points out he lives in Junction City. In my defense, I had NO idea about that last.

But, I got to meet Sprouts! (and Deno: that was cool, too)


Oh... um.. hey, that was odd.

I just recalled the dream I had just before the alarm went off this morning.

I won't bore you all with the pre-amble. But the part that has me going 'um.. what?' is this. I walked up a very steep hill, but someone walked with me.

When we got to the top we leaned on some rampart-like hillocks of packed dirt (sun-warmed and comfortable) and looked out at the view.

And the view was breath-taking. I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of love for the person with me. I leaned back against him and said "Have I told you recently how much I love you?". Even as I said, it one part of my brain was asking "I don't think I have EVER told this person that I love him" and then "Of course I have, we've been married for years."

His reply was unintelligble (as often happens in dreams) and while I was upset about that, I just let it go and the dream moved on.

I am not even in a relationship right now, so... what? If I were of a more religious bent, I think I could easily put 'God' or 'Jesus' or 'deity of choice' in as my companion. But I am not, so... what? It's my own dream and I can't figure it out.