September 9th, 2009


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Ah, Dragon*Con. Place of way too many people, but lots of stuff I want to do and see.*

The bad: thinking I was about to have a full out panic attack when I found myself in a crushing crowd that just plain wasn't moving.

The good: Pretty much everything else.

I got to panels with John Ringo and panels with Lois McMaster Bujold and even a panel where John Ringo interviewed Lois McMaster Bujold. This was, according to him, the first time they really met since 2000 when he, very drunk, threw himself on the floor to worship at her feet. All very amusing.

It seems that Miles will have just turned 39 in the next book. Which is set to come out in November of 2010... when *I* will have just turned 39. This amused me, too.

I have no pictures! This does not amuse me, but doesn't surprise me, either.

I DO have some fun swag, though. Like, a plushy Richard (from Looking for Group)! Not only that, his feet are signed. Not only THAT, but this particular plushy hit Lars (LFG artist) twice and Ryan (LFG writer) once.

See, Ryan was running the cash register while Lars was at the other end of the booth doing sketches. Ryan signed a foot, then threw the plushy at Lars, who was NOT expecting it and not hearing anything from Ryan's end of the booth. He was annoyed, as you might expect and chucked the plushy back at Ryan. Ryan then threw it BACK. I think it was the one called Becker that saved the day and got Lars to sign the plushy for me.

On top of that amusement, I found a plushy pony (at the Firefly booth... um... what?) to go with Richard, which just capped the amusement for me.

I WISH there were some Dawn photos up so I could show off the costume I made and the group auroraceleste put together. This would be the secret costume I have been talking about on and off for the last month or so, with D-rings and blood stripes and all that.

But we won Best Theatrical Presentation for our group, which is sweet. We watched the replay in our room after the contest and DAMN, that really did come together well. auroraceleste portrayed the Army Dawn, mijan portrayed Navy Dawn, bob6n3_4 portrayed Air Force Dawn and I portrayed Marine Dawn**. It went over really well. :)

However, letting auroraceleste and bob6n3_4 cross-pollinate was probably a Very Bad Idea. Just sayin'. That, and entering groups in the Dawn Contest means NEVER having to worry about getting the grand prize and never being able to enter the contest again. Again... just sayin'.

Totally different subject, but I got an odd fortune in a cookie last night. Most fortunes are 'one size fits all', you know? But this one... it's not something that will comfortably fit everyone. "Passionate new romance appears in your life when you least expect it."

*how easy to change that 'stuff' to 'people' for comedic effect.
** I was a bit nervous though, since of all the branches, the Marines seemed the most likely to take offense, so I played it very, very seriously.