September 19th, 2009


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Today I:

Spent a lovely time with graydown and affreca.

Got to pet a gorgeous horse and chat with her rider/owner.

Played Balls with the whores.

Listened to the Jolly Rogers and bought a new CD (which came with a t-shirt that I am currently wearing).

Chatted and shared hugs with jimmy_hollaman.

Pretty sure I got a flying 'hello' from softpaw. (that was you, wasn't it, saying hello to 'Lady Mischief'?)

Got my head brushed several times by the wings of various birds of prey.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything, but if I have, I will blame it on the migraine that showed itself as a blind spot about 1 pm. I am so grateful that have become more and more toothless as I have gotten older, especially since I seem to be getting them more often. Weird fact - instead of being sensitive to light or sound, I seemed to become more sensitive to smell.