November 23rd, 2009


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While I was unemployed I would sleep soundly until 7 or 8. Mind you, there was a certain amount of staying up until 2 involved, but still.

Now that I am employed and have a schedule to keep, I am back to waking at around 5:30 for no good goldarn reason again. -.-

Not much news here, though. This time around on Dragon Age, though, I found the sixth Black Vial (this morning, in fact, when I wasn't sleeping after 5:30 anyway....) not that I expect that's going to make much difference.

But I AM curious what's going to happen with the Urn of Sacred Ashes, since the guard dragon is gone this time. Avalanche, maybe?

And I realized today...

... why I like mackeral (sushi), that fishiest of fish. Because, in the way of smells (and it's conjoined twin, taste) it takes me back to the sea and to watching the boats go through the locks in Seattle, and the fish ladders, and the trips to the aquarium and, and, and.. I think you get the point.

It's been a very long time since I lived near the ocean - more than half my life, now. The last time was when I was 18 and moved from Maine to Kansas to go to college. You know, after one too many trips to Kansas (to see grandparents) in July and August (AUGUST, people! Kansas in AUGUST) I was very glad I didn't have to live here.

ha ha. it is to laugh.

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Oh, no. The gaming world doesn't assume the gamer is male or anything.

Just looked at the character studies for the various companions in Dragon Age (again, now I know more) and... um... *snicker* You get glimpses of the sex scenes for Morrigan and Leliana (with a male), and a really short bit of Zevran (with a red headed female elf. go figure) but not Alistair.

Poor Alistair.

Poor, dear Alistair.

Let me comfort you.

Wait.. what was I talking about, again?

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Reminder to self: When there aren't competent poeple behind those rogues, sometimes, the best way to position them... is to move the tank.

Um, this post brought to you by being a caster in WoW for most of the last four years.

"Positioning? What? Am I standing in the fire?"

I mean, I totally grok LoS (and curse when the AI is too smart for that), but melee positioning? Kinda new.