December 18th, 2009


The connections here are freaking me out.

Remember, back here, where I mentioned Tycho from Penny Arcade talking about Dragon Age and 'lack' of accents?

The post in question would be this one. Notice how he also mentions both Lois McMaster Bujold and The Witcher?

Well, LMB just happens to be my most favoritest of favorite authors and the writer of my most favoritest of favorite books, Paladin of Souls.


I just happened, on a whim, to have picked up The Witcher, Enhanced Edition the same day I picked up Dragon Age.

But that's not all!

No, as I play the game, I can't help but remember a scene in Paladin of Souls between charming Arhys and his brother, Illvin.

Illvin: Arhys, if you would please stop falling over backward every time some aspiring seductress blows a kiss at you, it would be a great comfort to your relatives.

Arhys: I swear, I do nothing to encourage them.

Illvin (as an aside to Ista): That, I'll grant, is perfectly true. Not that it's any consolation to the rest of us, watching the women flock past us without a glace in order to hang on him. Reminds me of a kitchen boy feeding his hens.

Arhys: It's not my doing. They throw themselves at me. On staircases, even.

Illvin: You could duck. Try it sometime.

(My character has ended up in bed with some of the NPCs without me know quite... how that happened. "Wait. Wait! We were talking about language, where'd this come from?!")