February 1st, 2010


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Random thoughts:

DA:O Return to Ostagar came out for the PC on the 29th. 'Course, I learned that today. On the 29th I read the forum after the announcement about 'released for PC early next week' and before the 'ooooo, we made a push and it's released for PC today! Yay!'. Ah, well. It was interesting.
But... what did they do with Duncan. :O I am just as glad I couldn't point that thought out to Alistair.
I was expecting Alistair to make a comment about 'that damn tower'. I know I wanted to make a snarky remark about that damn tower.

The chocolate brownies I just took out of the oven smell nummy. Um... a toothpick isn't supposed to come out of brownies clean, is it? 'Cause I baked them the max time the box said, not the minimum.

O.o That's ... new. Ghost Whisperer used two actors from season 2-3 in season 4... as completely different characters. (same living/ghost states, though. Odd.) Are the writers trying to make a point that only the viewers can see? or... did they just really like those actors?

I have decided that 'Grande' is the perfect size for London Fog Latte. In addition, I have had to accept that there's no lavender in it anymore, so it's just an Earl Grey Latte. Still yummy and smells heavenly.

I need to try sewing something. I had big plans for a brocade jacket, but right now* it's just a pattern and some fabric. The hardest part is getting past the fear of cutting it wrong.

*it's been that way for a couple years now. Sad.

Edit: Just heard clicking noises. Seems I forgot to turn the oven off. Ooops.

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I am telling you, reading Wishfull Drinking by Carrie Fisher with a scratchy throat is a bad idea - because you will laugh, which will cause a painful coughing fit, but then you will read more because there is no other option. Thus, the cycle starts over.

I would like you all to know, the part involving the life-sized Princess Leia sex doll very nearly killed me.