February 23rd, 2010


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Now I have a full night's sleep under my belt, maybe I can make a post about Naka-Kon.

A week before the Kon I was worried I couldn't make the 20 hours I was contracted for as a Con Assistant. By the end, I actually racked up closer to the 40 hours I would have been contracted for as full Staff. Typical.

From my perspective, things went very well, but I am aware that my perspective was very narrow. I spent Thursday and Friday at Reg*, which I enjoyed very much and might just have to volunteer for next year. Then on Saturday I spent the morning with Reg and then 2-8 with the costume contest. (and had a very satisfying and convivial dinner with two of the judges after)

The costume contest went off very well (again, from my perspective) for all that is was ~40 minutes late starting. I would feel smug about that, but the contest was scheduled to start two hours earlier than usual, so one could argue it started more than an hour early.

Then, Sunday, I was a bum for most of the day, and actually made it to the vendor room for a bit.

Side note: There has to be something gone wrong with my brain when taking time to enjoy the con from a member point-of-view makes me a 'bum'.

Of course, when a call went out to start moving stuff I ceased to be a bum. I even counted money. I really enjoyed that; I don't know if it was feeding my OCD tendencies or a contact high.

I left early on Monday and found the only remaining ice on the roads was right around the hotel and hospital. Wise. My car has s**t for traction, and I had to stop twice on an incline. That was fun - almost couldn't get started and missed entire green light cycles twice. Once on 71, though, it was clear sailing and I got home perfectly safe.

* Amusing anecdote: someone recognized me from my stint as a Lady in Waiting to the Queen of Spain in the KCRF. :O