April 11th, 2010


I am about to rant about the works of an author I can't stop reading.

Understand, if I find a book by her, I tend to devour it.

But ye gods. Talk about promises not kept.

The Sun Sword series by Michelle (Sagara) West. It hypes up an upcoming house war. (and some random kid 'born in the north' that will become some great swordsman. And then there's Adam. But those two don't bother me quite so much).

It's six VERY THICK books long.

And, when the promised House War is just getting started the author stops writing about it.

Just stops. Those character are never mentioned again in the final book. I know this, because I went page by page from the back looking for those names and didn't find them after the events that started the House War.



So, that explains why the 'House War' series is touted as 'long awaited'.


Just fine.

Except the first two books (and one assumes the third as well, all things considered. At least.) are set between one and two decades before the main events in the Sun Sword series.

I can't, for the life of me, figure out how she's going to get to the House War the series is named for. :p

And none of this addresses the promises about the Oracle's road.