May 1st, 2010


Working for the 2010 Census

So. Back on Sunday I started training for the 2010 Census. Sunday's class consisted of filling out paperwork led by the trainer/Group Leader giving scripted step by step instructions, including 'now lay the page face down on the left side of your folder'. I was actually rather glad for it, though, because damned if I knew what I was supposed to put in some of those spaces.

Then we took an oath very like Congresscritters and the military, except that, in addition, we had to swear to maintain confidentiality of the data. Which means I won't be mentioning names or addresses here, but I can still tell stories shorn of same.

The we were all fingerprinted. That...took a while. In fact, we were all fingerprinted twice, once each by two different people. Given what I know of 'regulatory requirements' from working in pharmaceutics, this made complete sense to me.

Monday through Friday was more mundane, but very necessary 'what if' scenarios and scripted practice interviews. You know, what to do under 'ideal' conditions (the person is home, they are willing to speak, and they lived at the address on Census Day - April 1), what if no one is home, what if no one wants to speak, what if the home is vacant, what if the home is destroyed, what if it's a vacation home (ha ha, like that's going to happen here!), what if the present occupants moved in since April 1. That sort of thing.

Oh, and I was chosen to be one of the two Crew Leader Assistants. Mostly, that just means I will be doing less door to door and more checking and collecting other people's work. But, by golly, I am going to put all that training to SOME work. Just can't go over 40 hours. That was stressed over and over and... well, it got to be something of a joke, it was in the training manuals so often.

Today, we get our binders for the first time and will be loosed onto the streets to put our training into practice. It looks like, after being observed for a bit, the other CLA and I will be observing our fellow Crew Members, because there are way too many for one person to observe in the time we will have.

Not sure I will have the energy tonight to tell how this goes.

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So, we got our binders today and that was kind of cool, seeing maps and addresses that are REAL and even familiar.

Then, our Crew Leader followed myself and my fellow Crew Leader Assistant around until we both managed to find someone to interview. It was 6 door knocked on before anyone answered for me and that guy insisted he a) didn't live there b) the residents were asleep and c) he didn't know when a good time to come back was. (And we so totally believed his bleary-eyed ass. *eye roll*) but I found an actual resident home on my next door knock and managed to get my interview. Turns out she works on the KU paper (or... something like that. Not really clear) and knows what it's like to have to get information out of people, so she wasn't too upset about the interview once she completely woke up. (I am pretty sure we woke her.)

After my fellow CLA got her interview observed, the three of us split up and followed other crew members around to (hopefully) observer interviews for more of them. I only managed two observations out of 5 I need to do. But there's time.

Then it was back to the class room to turn in time sheets and completed questionaires and to talk about any issues or helpful hints people might have come up with.

Me, I went and got myself a divided accordion folder, so I can keep things organized and hopefully keep from creasing the questionaires in places they aren't supposed to be creased (Many, many repetitions of 'do not fold anywhere but the pre-established folds' in training).

And that was my day today.