May 9th, 2010


(no subject)

First two panels made me laugh and laugh. (Then I started coughing, but that's beside the point.)

My new binder encompasses one whole apartment complex (the map encompasses a whole lot more than that, but I strongly suspect they have divided the map plot up into several binders, as there are quite a few apartment complexes in it and they seem to want to keep a binder to ~30 interviews each). I completed 12 interviews in just 2.5 hours, but I strongly suspect that most of the rest of the people are gone for the weekend, so Monday is soon enough to go back.

Which is good, because either allergies or a cold have temporarily won control of my sinuses and I swear the resulting mucus* is caustic. At least, that's what my throat tells me.

Every time I swallow. :|

Helloooooo, hot tea! How I love you! Have I told you that recently? No? Well, I should have. I love you. Lots and lots.



*Spell check says this is spelled right. It does not look right to me, however.