June 17th, 2010



The first insult was the way the fruit tasted. It looked ripe, of course, but the taste gave the lie to that.

The next insult are the fruit flies (although I think I can blame the cherries for that. And the cherries were GOOD). I was slow to take the trash out, so they have proliferated. Now that the trash is out, they are desperate and EVERYWHERE.

Knowing it's my own damn fault is not helping me deal.

The Census job is done, as of yesterday. I was a total twit about looking for a replacement.

AND, my sex drive is suddenly making itself felt. :| Of course it never shows up when it might be useful. Here's an interesting question: Why do I like my own scent at times like this, but can't stand it at others? Not sure if my scent changes or my perception does.

Upstairs neighbor still walks heavily, has a very squeaky bed and very vigorous sex. Both annoyed with and very jealous of that last.